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CALVIN HELIN is a bestselling multi-award winning author, international speaker, entrepreneur, retired lawyer, and activist for self-reliance  and spiritual awareness. It’s an unlikely success story, from someone with an impoverished childhood, growing up in a remote Native American village.

 The son of a hereditary chief, Helin’s first book, Dances with Dependency: Out of Poverty through Self-Reliance, was based on his own experiences, and written to help eradicate the kind of poverty he faced as a child.

A seven-time bestseller, Helin’s landmark guide provided a blueprint to help Native American populations break free from “the welfare trap” of government dependence. During his extensive research for Dances with Dependency, Helin learned that the corrosive effects of economic dependency are not limited to the poor, but apply to other social classes, businesses and governments.

With his book The Economic Dependency Trap: Breaking Free to Self-Reliance, Helin speaks to what he calls “the most deceptive pandemic of the 21st Century,” providing a plan for transforming economic dependency into healthier outcomes across all echelons of society – from minority groups, to middle class Americans.

 In The Empowerment Mindset: Success through Self-Knowledge, Helin takes readers on a powerful journey of self-discovery to help transform unfulfilled lives to genuine personal empowerment. He asks, “Why trap future generations into the same cycle of disappointment and failure when the knowledge exists to learn an “empowerment mindset?”

This was followed by Dances with Spirits: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World—a book about a society where people crave spiritual fulfillment in a time of loneliness and broken social relations, and how the answers to such yearnings can be found in the ancestral wisdom of ancient cultures.

A leading authority on fiscal and spiritual independence, Helin has been widely featured by national newspapers, radio and television with hundreds of appearances as a speaker and expert.

Helin currently serves as president and CEO of Eagle Group of Companies Holdings, Ltd. He has previously served as president of the Native Investment and Trade Association, and director of the Vancouver Board of Trade, GeoScience BC, and the Canada-China Resource Development Foundation. He has received numerous national distinctions as an entrepreneur, social activist and community leader.

Helin’s mission of economic independence and personal growth isn’t limited to adults, either: Helin also serves as ambassador of the SOS Children’s Village. In addition, as a fourth degree black belt he teaches at the Shudokan Karate and Education Society, a group he founded in 2002 that provides free martial arts lessons to hundreds of disadvantaged inner-city children as a way of teaching them discipline, manners, self-respect, and other important life lessons.



“I read Dances with Dependency from cover to cover and could not put it down.  [It raises] issues which must be discussed if progress is to be achieved. The fact that this book has aroused such interest is a positive sign for the future.” 

—The Right Honourable Paul Martin, twenty-first prime minister of Canada

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